Devicetype Specific Characteristics

  • PowerSupply:
    • FESA: no initial update. When starting the status subscription at first the status has to be get once. Then the status subscription starts. Actually a subscription on change is sufficient, but when opening the status widget the timestamp is updated. So the subscription has to be periodically. (Ask PK: New subscription, but what is when the status subscription fails)
  • Actuators
  • non-multiplexed selector for moving (except: Event triggered stepper motors: multiplexed context for event-triggered moving.)
    • Stepper motor:
      • FESA: single motor or motor pair. Solveigh: Different FESA classes, but single motor includes the API for motor pair!?
      • DeviceAccess: • motor pair (DSK, DSKM) contain either two motor pairs or two single motors • only single motor (DS, DSM (Motor, controlled with uIOC )) is movable at once.
      • Eventtriggered Steppermotor • non-multiplex selector for manual moving, otherwise event triggered moving • FESA: included in single motor FESA class • DeviceAccess: extra equipment model
    • Pneumatic actuator:
      • FESA:
        • additional „operation mode“ (maintains the access of control. Has to be requested if necessary and has to be returned after each execution of command)
      • DeviceAccess: executes the moving command only within the gap! (Issue: (Corba-)Response timeout must not have been exceeded. So the timeout value has to be well selected!?)
    • Valve:
      • FESA:
        • Valve: close/open valve
        • Gauge: measuring of pressure
      • DeviceAccess:
        • VVC: moving AND measuring
        • Distinction between "Ventil" and "Schnellschlußventil" (the latter is only movable, no measuring. Identified by (operdb-geraete)(typ, subtyp)
  • Driven devices
    • Detector system (contains a specific driven devices)
      • some devices are not part of the control system, e.g. (currently) fluorescent screen
      • devicename of detector system components are reconstructed by devicenames of other detector system components, because currently no persistent location provices this info. (e.g. devicename of ionisation chamber is built from drive devicename)
    • assignment steppermotor↔ driven device:
      • FESA:
        • named positions
      • DeviceAccess:
        • position (one direct predecessor resp. successor of the other, ? Nomenclature)
    • assignment pneumatic actuator ↔ driven device:
      • position (one direct predecessor resp. successor of the other, Nomenclature)

Device Specific Characteristics

Persistent Info used by DeviceControl
  • filter feature
    • ring devices (assigned to accelerator)
  • power switching
    • ring RF cavities (only non-ferrit cavities use power standby. (Do only non-ferrit devices consist of two HW components?)
  • power supplies changing between current and field set values (used in S/I magnet value comparison dialog)
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