1. General Remarks

1.1 Maven

The release process itself is done using Maven. More information about Maven and its configuration can be found here: Maven and Eclipse.

1.2 ZKS Java Package Structure

The following diagram shows how the packages depend on each other. All ZKS package that contain ZKS code are shown here. Nevertheless it is only a subset of the packages really involved in ZKS.

When performing a release, the release order is from the bottom to the top.

2. Release

2.1 Update your Workspace

The release is done from the local workspace. Therefore, as a prerequisite for the release, it is necessary to have an up-to-date workspace.

First synchronize and update all projects: Select all projects -> Team -> Commit / Push to commit all changes and Team -> Pull to update incoming changes.

2.2 Release

Release all projects in the appropriate order shown above, from the bottom to the top.

To release a single project, first update the version number in the pom.xml files and also update the version numbers of its dependencies. Then call:

mvn clean deploy

(If you modify a project in the stack you have to release all projects that depend on it. There is no automatism to do this.)

3. Deployment

3.1 Server deployment

3.1.1 Rollout

Login to zkl00e and perform the rollout:

rollout de.gsi.aco.zks:zks-client:1.6.4 --dest /common/usr/cscoap/opt

By performing the rollout, everything is automatically copied from the Nexus repository. Information about the layout on the server can be found here.

3.1.2 Server Restart

The server can be restarted by authorized IN members (ask e.g. Christoph Handel).

3.2 Application deployment

3.2.1 Rollout

Login to zkl00e and rollout the applications by performing:

rollout de.gsi.aco.zks:zks-app-useradministration:1.6.5

rollout de.gsi.aco.zks:zks-app-remotecontrol:1.6.5

3.2.2 Restart the applications

The applications need to be executable on
  • zks-app-remotecontrol: Mess-2-Labor, HKR, TKR (Cave-M), Cave-A
  • (zks-app-useradmin: Mess-2-Labor, not used any more, due to DSGVO restrictions)
As described, they are deployed to the zkl00e machine and are executed outside the ZKSnet using Xwin32. Available applications are listed here.

To get the new version, any running applications must be restarted!
Where? Which PC? Comment
Mess-2-Labor xxx PC at the office desk on the right side
Cave M / TKR TCL1007 PC opposite of the main door, directly in front of the inner window
Cave A TCL1005 Container TH.2.005 (middle staircase, on the way to the cryring roof), back door
HKR TCL1005 Test Console 2

3.3 ZKS Wiki

Update the release notes on the ZKS Wiki.

4. Log files / Info at Runtime

ZKS DB related logs (from the server side) can be found on the zkl00e in
cd /common/zks-logs

with the filename pattern ZKS-DB*.log

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