Steps for migrating a Project with Renaming and Jenkins

Eventually perform

ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_rsa
  1. perform the migration as described in the SVN to Git Migration HowTo, i.e. if everything is already setup, just call
    cd ../repos/git/
    ./GitMigrationScript/ --project app-requester --svnGroup applications --organization fcc-applications --gitProject requester-app --add-gitignore
    afterwards, delete the temporary directory, that was created during migration
    rm -rf requester-app
  2. checkout the Git project in Eclipse, you can copy the ssh URL from Gitea
  3. edit the pom.xml in the Git project:
    • 3.1 change the groupId and artifactId to the new names
    • 3.2 if existing, please also update the name-tag
    • 3.3 replace the old scm-tags and instead, add
      • or <git.organization>fcc-commons</git.organization> in case of common projects without UI code
    • 3.4 update dependencies: use the renamed projects instead of the old ones
  4. do a snapshot deploy of the Git project, the project resides in ~/workspace-location/repos/git/project/
    mvn clean deploy
  5. commit and push your Git project changes
  6. Disable the Project in the acoap-svn group within Jenkins click on the project name, on the following page, there is a disable button on the top right corner (when being logged in)
  7. edit the script, remove all projects and just insert the one you want to upload to Jenkins in the section (you can checkout the project from Git using the URL
  8. performscripted jenkins project creation (in ~/workspace-location/repos/git/)
    scripts/jenkins/ --group fcc-applications --branch master --no-deploy
    or --group fcc-commons-master respectively
    skip --no-deploy for artifacts that are used as dependencies (normally the case for all commons and library artifacts, not for applications)
  9. Check if the project is now available in Jenkins in the fcc-applications-master group, and click on the rightmost button to perform a build
  10. Checkout the old project from SVN (checkout, then configure->convert to Maven project). Then add the following relocation information with the new groupId/artifactId to the pom.xml (below the old GAV)
  11. do a last snapshot deploy of the old SVN project (will include the relocation information), the project resides in ~/workspace-location/project/
    mvn clean deploy
  12. commit your SVN project changes (includes the relocation information in the pom, which is ok)
  13. Document what you have done on this page twice: in the renaming table and the sequence list below
  14. Move the SVN project within the SVN repository to "moved_to_git_svn_not_available_anymore"
  15. (remove both projects from Eclipse with right mouse click -> delete -> delete project contents on disc (checkbox))

CSCOAP Repository

Group ID old Artifact ID old Old Java Package Name Group ID new Artifact ID new Git Organization New Java Package Name Git Migration and Rename done Package name changed Comment accsoft-commons-physics-gsi de.gsi.bel.accsoft.commons.physics de.gsi.fcc.commons common-physics-lib fcc-commons tbd DONE 2020 accsoft-commons-value-gsi de.gsi.bel.accsoft.commons.value de.gsi.fcc.commons common-value-lib fcc-commons tbd DONE 2020 accsoft-security-rba-util-gui-gsi --- --- --- cern-gsi-collab-temp --- DONE Project stays as-is, used temporarily until RBAC is availabe at GSI cscoap-common-dependencies de.gsi.fcc.commons common-dependencies fcc-commons tbd DONE 2020 cscoap-common-device-control => merged into device-control-app cscoap-common-images de.gsi.fcc.applications common-image-lib fcc-applications tbd DONE 2020 cscoap-common-language-translator de.gsi.fcc.commons language-translator-lib fcc-commons tbd DONE 2020
cscoap-common-lsa-utils => merged into lsa-utils-ui
cscoap-common-operdb-intf => moved to attic cscoap-common-status-files de.gsi.fcc.commons devacc-status-lib fcc-commons tbd DONE 2020
cscoap-common-trim-helper => merged into lsa-utils-ui
cscoap-common-units => will be replaced by new unit framework
cscoap-common-units-ui => will be replaced by new unit framework
cscoap-common-units-ui-demo => will be replaced by new unit framework cscoap-common-utils de.gsi.fcc.commons common-utils fcc-commons tbd DONE 2020 cscoap-hmvc-framework de.gsi.fcc.applications common-swing-hmvc-uilib fcc-applications tbd DONE 2020 cscoap-common-gui-elements de.gsi.fcc.applications common-widgets fcc-applications tbd DONE 2020 cscoap-common-gui-elements-context-widget de.gsi.fcc.applications context-widget fcc-applications tbd DONE 2020 cscoap-common-gui-elements-schema-widget de.gsi.fcc.applications common-schema-widget fcc-applications tbd DONE 2020 cscoap-common-gui-elements-schema-widget-demo de.gsi.fcc.applications common-schema-widget-demo fcc-applications tbd DONE 2020


applications Repository

Group ID oldArtifact ID oldOld Java Package NameGroup ID newArtifact ID newGit OrganizationNew Java Package NameGit Migration and Rename donePackage name changedComment app-JavaProEmi de.gsi.fcc.applications proemi-app fcc-applications tbd

GR, R├╝cksprache wegen Paketnamensschema app-JavaProfileGrids de.gsi.fcc.applications expert-profilegrid-app fcc-applications tbd DONE GR, R├╝cksprache wegen Paketnamensschema
app-acc-fixed-display => RS: SVN code obsolet, continued elsewhere app-bss-control de.gsi.fcc.applications bss-control-app fcc-applications tbd DONE 2020 migrated including storage-ring-mode-branch
app-codesnippets de.gsi.fcc.applications fcc-applications app-cs-panic de.gsi.fcc.applications expert-cs-panic-app fcc-applications tbd DONE app-dave de.gsi.fcc.applications dave-app fcc-applications tbd DONE 2020 app-devCtrl obsolete app-devCtrl-CE de.gsi.fcc.applications device-control-app fcc-applications DONE ??? => merged into device-control-app
app-digitizer RS: SVN code obsolete, continued elsewhere
app-drivestat de.gsi.fcc.applications fcc-applications FS app-feedback de.gsi.fcc.applications feedback-app fcc-applications DONE DONE
app-fmgskal de.gsi.fcc.applications fcc-applications FS
app-fmgskal2 de.gsi.fcc.applications fcc-applications FS
app-frsRunSheetForm de.gsi.fcc.applications fcc-applications FS app-hf-service de.gsi.fcc.applications expert-hf-app fcc-applications DONE DONE app-ionsrc de.gsi.fcc.applications ionsource-app fcc-applications DONE DONE
de.gsi.bel.ap app-is de.gsi.bel.ap.app_is de.gsi.fcc.applications ionsource-mcs-app fcc-applications DONE DONE Saclay version is frozen, therefore not present in nightly build app-jedit-wrapper de.gsi.fcc.applications jedit-wrapper fcc-applications de.gsi.fcc.jedit DONE DONE These wrapper projects are no in-house applications, they re-package other applications. app-launcher de.gsi.fcc.applications launcher-app fcc-applications DONE DONE
app-macrospill => RS: discontinued, new project with -service and -app are being setup, no migration needed
app-magstat de.gsi.fcc.applications fcc-applications FS
mock masp-gui mock.up de.gsi.fcc.applications masp-app fcc-applications DONE DONE pom ggf. nochmal aktualisieren vor dem Release -> Jutta (auf welchen branches?)
app-opticsviewer de.gsi.fcc.applications opticsviewer-app fcc-applications DONE DONE app-parammodi de.gsi.fcc.applications parammodi-app fcc-applications tbd DONE 2020 migrated including storage-ring-mode-branch
app-pema de.gsi.fcc.applications pema-app GR => riehl - Userspace app-profilegrid de.gsi.fcc.applications profilegrid-app fcc-applications tbd DONE 2020 app-prophelper-wrapper de.gsi.fcc.applications prophelper-wrapper fcc-applications DONE DONE These wrapper projects are no in-house applications, they re-package other applications. The wrapped python applications does not have packages / java package names. app-remotelauncher-client de.gsi.fcc.applications common-remotelauncher-client fcc-applications tbd DONE 2020 app-remotelauncher-server de.gsi.fcc.applications common-remotelauncher-service fcc-applications tbd DONE 2020 app-requester de.gsi.fcc.applications requester-app fcc-applications DONE DONE
app-scan de.gsi.fcc.applications fcc-applications WG app-scheduling de.gsi.fcc.applications scheduling-app fcc-applications tbd DONE 2020 migrated including storage-ring-mode-branch app-screenshot de.gsi.fcc.applications screenshot-app fcc-applications DONE DONE app-septum com.cosylab.gsi.apps.septum de.gsi.fcc.applications expert-septum-app fcc-applications DONE --- Cosylab package name will not be changed. app-transmission-monitor de.gsi.fcc.applications expert-transmission-monitor-app fcc-applications DONE DONE app-wallapp-launcher de.gsi.fcc.applications fixed-display-launcher-app fcc-applications DONE 2020
de-gsi-ope-app-webviewer app-webviewer de.gsi.fcc.applications webviewer-app fcc-applications tbd DONE 2020 app-whats-running de.gsi.fcc.applications expert-whats-running-app fcc-applications tbd DONE
app-common-chart => RS: SVN code obsolete, continued at
de.gsi app-common-gsiappbase de.gsi.fcc.applications common-appbase-uilib fcc-applications tbd DONE 2020 migrated including fair-frame-branch app-common-lsa-utils several.. de.gsi.fcc.applications common-lsa-utils-uilib fcc-applications tbd DONE 2020 merged cscoap-common-trim-helper and cscoap-common-lsa-utils into this project here
migrated including storage-ring-mode-branch
de.gsi appsvc-common-context-widget de.gsi.appsvc.common.contextwidget de.gsi.fcc.applications context-widget-service fcc-applications tbd DONE 2020 lsa-app-calibration-viewer-gsi de.gsi.fcc.applications calibration-viewer-app fcc-applications DONE DONE lsa-app-equipmonitor-gsi de.gsi.fcc.applications equipmonitor-app fcc-applications DONE DONE lsa-app-equipstate-gsi de.gsi.fcc.applications equipstate-app fcc-applications tbd DONE 2020 migrated including javafx-rewrite branch
ope-benno de.gsi.fcc.applications fcc-applications zum/nach Release aktualisieren MO
de.gsi.acc.ope ope-top de.gsi.fcc.applications top-app fcc-applications DONE DONE
de.gsi sequencer de.gsi.sequencer de.gsi.fcc.applications sequencer-app fcc-applications tbd DONE 2020

Overall sequence for migrating the projects

  • 1. calibration-viewer-app
  • 1. common-dependencies
  • 1. common-swing-hmvc-uilib
  • 1. common-utils
  • 1. expert-septum-app
  • 1. jedit-wrapper
  • 1. prophelper-wrapper
  • 2. devacc-status-files-lib
  • 2. image-lib
  • 2. language-translator-lib
  • 3. common-appbase-uilib
  • 3. common-remotelauncher-service
  • 3. common-value-lib
  • 3. common-widgets
  • 4. common-physics-lib
  • 4. common-schema-widget
  • 4. equipmonitor-app
  • 4. expert-cs-panic-app
  • 4. expert-hf-app
  • 4. expert-profilegrid-app
  • 4. expert-transmission-monitor-app
  • 4. lsa-utils-uilib
  • 4. opticsviewer-app
  • 4. proemi-app
  • 4. sequencer-app
  • 4. screenshot-app
  • 4. webviewer-app
  • 4. common-remotelauncher-client
  • 5. context-widget-service
  • 5. device-control-app
  • 5. equipstate-app
  • 5. fixed-display-launcher-app
  • parammodi-app
  • 5. schema-widget-demo

  • 6. context-widget
  • 7. bss-control-app
  • 7. scheduling-app
  • 7. expert-whats-running-app
  • 8. launcher-app
  • ..

Update the new names in various places:

  • Change mkws scripts AS
  • JF
  • reactor AS/JF
  • Change launcher configurations (urls to release artifacts in dev/int(vmla006)/pro: /common/usr/cscoap/htdocs/config/remotelauncher/applications_server) JF
    • How to see, if an application is present in the lauchner: you could grep for the name on pro ssh asl344 grep septum /common/usr/cscoap/htdocs/config/remotelauncher/\*

-- JuttaFitzek - 31 Jul 2019

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