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Release 10_3


lock = No release, we stay on this version
unchecked = Release pending
checked = Release finished (product available in SVN and Maven)
flag = Rolled out (product installed on the Cluster)

Dependency Graph

If there are missing artifacts, please call Hanno or Andreas.


Parents and Maven-Plugins

TODO do something with lsa-app-generation
  • csco-builder-maven-plugin (10.2.0) lock
  • csco-parent (10.2.0) lock
  • csco-parent-java (10.2.0) lock
  • csco-parent-cern (10.2.0) lock
  • csco-parent-java-service (10.2.0) lock
  • csco-parent-java-bundle (10.2.0) lock
  • csco-java-bundle-template (?.?.?) unchecked
  • csco-java-fx-template (?.?.?) unchecked

3rd party Projects (only the most common ones)

TODO HH: We need to talk about our artifact update policy.

Nothing to do here (just for cross validation, these version numbers are the ones we want to use in the current release): As of 2016.08.19, csco artifactory
  • aspectjweaver (1.8.8) lock
  • commons-codec (1.10) lock
  • guava (19.0)lock
  • jackson-* (2.9.0.pr3) lock CERN uses inconsistent versions
  • jgoodies-forms (1.7.2) lock alert (Attention when updating this library to 1.9.0, there can be runtime exceptions (no compile errors) so test all your UIs!)
  • log4j-core (2.5) lock
  • log4j-slf4j-impl (2.5) lock
  • ojdbc7 ( lock alert (Downgrade from version 12.2.x.x because Oracle specifix bulk insert config was changed to "no-op / do nothing / disabled" !)
  • slf4j-api (1.7.24) lock
  • slf4j-log4j12: alert Sollte entfernt werden, falls vorhanden!
  • swingx (0.9.3) lock
  • spring-* (4.2.3-RELEASE) lock TODO CERN uses 4.3.4-RELEASE currently, which does not compile for us, to be checked
For testing: (should always have scope test!)
  • hamcrest-core (1.3) lock
  • junit (4.12) lock
  • mockito-core (1.10.19) lock

Projects from CERN

TODO HH: We need to talk about our artifact update policy.

Nothing to do here (just for cross validation, these version numbers are the ones we want to use in the current release): As of 2016.08.19, cern artifactory
  • accsoft-commons-core (3.2.0) lock
  • accsoft-commons-diag (0.3.0) lock
  • accsoft-commons-dbaccess (2.1.5) lock (!!excludes necessary:*, accsoft-commons-util, commons-logging)
  • accsoft-commons-domain (1.3.5) lock
  • accsoft-commons-io (3.2.0) lock
  • accsoft-commons-math (0.0.4) lock
  • accsoft-commons-tracing (0.10.1) lock
  • accsoft-commons-util (3.4.7) lock
  • accsoft-commons-value (6.4.0) lock
  • accsoft-gui-frame (4.2.1) lock
  • accsoft-security-rba (4.2.2) lock
  • accsoft-security-rba-util (3.2.3) lock
  • accsoft-security-sign (1.2.0) lock
  • cmw-directory-client (2.1.1) lock
  • cmw-log-log4j (1.6.6) lock
  • jdataviewer (1.8.2) lock
  • lsa-trim-simulation (1.3.3) lock

Projects from other CSCO Groups


-> Ask Vitaliy

-> Es gab einen Fehler, Sigi fragen.
  • japc (4.10.0) lock
  • japc-ext-cmwrda3 (4.8.0) lock
  • japc-nodeps (4.10.0) lock
  • japc-value (4.4.0) lock
  • japc-ext-devacc (1.0.23) checked
  • japc-ext-devacc-eqmodparser (1.1.18) lock TODO Missing properties for STHV (STEPS2 and MSTEPS2), needs to be updated next (intermediate) release (Ask Jutta if comment still valid)
  • cscoap-error-messages (0.5.0) lock TODO should be replaced by conditions-art-jar (1.0.0) once it is released (in R10? Check with Erwin Wagner)
  • gsi-jzmq-native-sl7 (3.1.0) lock Ask Vitaliy about this
  • jzmq (3.1.0) lock Ask Vitaliy about this

-> (Vitaliy): Die unten stehende Produkte gehören eigentlich nicht zu unserem Portfolio, und werden nicht von den core JAPC/RDA Produkten referenziert. Die Versionsnummer müssen hier eher den Notwendigkeiten von LSA und AP folgen. Ich habe nur versucht die Versionen so zusamen zu stellen, dass diese nach Möglichkeit auf die Projekt Versionen von der Liste oben genau passen. Das project japc-gui-viewer referenziert jedoch das japc-ext-cmwrda3:4.6.0
  • japc-ext-mockito (2.4.0) lock
  • japc-ext-remote (5.3.0 - 5.3.1) lock
  • japc-gui-viewer (7.0.5) (7.1.3) lock

Front End

  • devacc_java (10.26.07) lock

Release-Build Order (from Reactor-Project)

merged = Aenderungen sind sind schon zurueck in den 'trunk' ueberfuehrt, Produkt bitte nichtmehr bearbeiten.

______ = release branch is already created

______ = project is released

G Release Order app-septum (10.3.0) Christian Hillbricht accsoft-security-rba-util-gui-gsi (10.3.0, no merge) Anneke Walter> lsa-domain-maven-plugin (10.3.0) Hanno Huether Raphael Mueller lsa-app-selection (10.3.0) Hanno Huether Raphael Mueller> lsa-domain (10.3.0) Hanno Huether Raphael Mueller lsa-client-common (10.3.0) Hanno Huether Raphael Mueller> lsa-domain-generated-gsi (10.3.0) Hanno Huether Raphael Mueller> signal-conditions-persistence (10.3.0) Stefan Krepp Raphael Mueller> cscoap-hmvc-framework (10.3.0) Sigi Heymell app-devCtrl (10.3.0) Sigi Heymell> bss-commons (10.3.0) Stefan Krepp Hanno Huether lsa-core-gsi (10.3.3) Hanno Huether Raphael Mueller> cscoap-common-utils (10.3.0) Andreas Schaller cscoap-common-language-translator (10.3.0, no merge) Anneke Walter> cscoap-common-operdb-intf (10.3.0) Sigi Heymell app-transmission-monitor (10.3.0) Sigrid Heymell> app-hf-service (10.3.0) Sigi Heymell> cscoap-common-scan (10.3.0) Christian Hillbricht> app-ionsrc (10.3.0) Sigi Heymell> cscoap-common-dependencies (10.3.0, no merge) Anneke Walter cscoap-common-status-files (10.3.0) Sigi Heymell> app-screenshot (10.3.0) Christian Hillbricht> app-siso (?.?.?) no release engineer defined> cscoap-common-images (10.3.0) Andreas Schaller> lsa-core (10.3.0) Hanno Huether Raphael Mueller>> lsa-client-gsi (10.3.0) Hanno Huether Raphael Mueller> ca.fwe.units:java-units java-units (10.3.0, no merge) Anneke Walter cscoap-common-units (10.3.0) Andreas Schaller ca.fwe.units:java-units-> accsoft-commons-value-gsi (10.3.0, no merge) Anneke Walter accsoft-commons-physics-gsi (10.3.0, no merge) Anneke Walter>> lsa-app-gui-gsi (10.3.0) Hanno Huether Raphael Mueller cscoap-common-gui-elements (10.3.0) Andreas Schaller> lsa-app-calibration-viewer-gsi (10.3.0) Hanno Huether Raphael Mueller> lsa-app-trim (10.3.0) Hanno Huether Raphael Mueller> lsa-app-equipstate (10.3.0) Hanno Huether Raphael Mueller> lsa-app-equipmonitor (10.3.0) Hanno Huether Raphael Mueller> lsa-app-generation (10.3.0) Hanno Huether Raphael Mueller> lsa-domain-gsi (10.3.0) Hanno Huether Raphael Mueller> app-scan (10.3.0) Christian Hillbricht> app-parammodi (10.3.0, merged) Anneke Walter cscoap-common-trim-helper (10.3.0, no merge) Anneke Walter> cscoap-common-gui-elements-context-widget (10.3.0) Christian Hillbricht> app-scheduling (10.3.1, no merge) Anneke Walter> lsa-app-equipmonitor-gsi (10.3.0) Hanno Huether Raphael Mueller> app-opticsviewer (10.3.0) Christian Hillbricht cscoap-common-units-ui (10.3.0) Andreas Schaller>>>> app-launcher (10.3.0) Andreas Schaller lsa-server-gsi (10.3.3) Hanno Huether Raphael Mueller cscoap-demo-app-config (10.3.0) Sigi Heymell> lsa-db-importer (10.3.0) Hanno Huether Raphael Mueller>>> app-feedback (10.3.0) Christian Hillbricht>>>>>>>> app-tm (10.3.0) Sigi Heymell>> cscoap-common-gui-elements-schema-widget (10.3.0, no merge) Anneke Walter> lsa-app-equipstate-gsi (10.3.0) Hanno Huether Raphael Mueller>>>> app-JavaProEmi (?.?.?) Günther Riehl>>>>>> lsa-gui (10.3.0) Hanno Huether Raphael Mueller>>>>>> cscoap-common-lsa-utils (10.3.0) Anneke Walter>>>>> cscoap-common-gui-elements-schema-widget-demo (10.3.0, no merge) Anneke Walter>>>>>>>>>>>

Tools & Scripts

These projects just need their POMs updated after the release, but they need not be released themselves.
  • lsa-app-param-config: Hanno ALERT! TODO SVN error. Maybe because of CERN's migration to Git?
  • lsa-db-import: Hanno unchecked
  • lsa-hierarchy-gsi: Hanno unchecked
  • lsa-mirko-optic-import-gsi: Hanno unchecked
  • lsa-py: Hanno unchecked TODO Ask Raphael about this project. It uses "parent-cern" which is unknown to me. Seems to have something to do with cmmnbuild repository?
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