On call duty - System Access to the GSI Environment using X2Go

General information

For general information about X2Go at GSI, see https://wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/Linux/X2goConnection .

You need to install an X2Goclient on your device, see https://wiki.x2go.org/doku.php/doc:installation:x2goclient .

For accessing X2Go from home, you need to have (and know how to access) your GSI Linux account.

Create a connection to the asl cluster

Create a new connection using "Neue Sitzung" (new session), generally as described on https://wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/Linux/X2goConnection#Create_a_connection .

XFCE Internal (from GSI ACC network)

Put "asl74[x].acc.gsi.de" as your host, and use your cluster username as your login. If you do not use an SSH key for connecting, you will be prompted for your cluster password when you try to connect.

This works fine if you are connected to the ACC network, but will not work from home.

2020-03-18 x2go Cluster internal.png

XFCE External (e.g. from GSI Eduroam, from home, ...)

To access the cluster from home, you will have to extend the internal configuration by using the lx-pool as a proxy server.
  • Check the proxy server checkbox. Use type "SSH", host "lx-pool.gsi.de" and port "22".
    • Note from Anne: Sometimes, I am unable to connect to lx-pool.gsi.de . In that case, I often am able to connect to the Pool alias (lxjessie64.gsi.de in March 2020).
  • If you have the same username for the cluster and the lx-pool, check "gleiche Anmeldung wie für X2Go-Server".
  • If you have the same password for the cluster and the lx-pool, check "gleiches Kennwort wie für X2Go-Server".
If you do not use an SSH key for connecting, you will be prompted first for your cluster password, then (if necessary) for your lx-pool password when you try connect.

2020-03-18 x2go Cluster external.png


For best performance, it is recommended to go the other tabs to reduce the graphic settings and turn off any functionality you do not use:
  • reduce connection speed to MODEM or ISDN, set image compression to e.g. 64k-png-jpeg or lower (check if everything looks ok, png-jpeg seems faster than just jpeg)
    • several AP members have recently (May/June 2020) had very good results with compression method 32k-rdp-compressed .
  • reduce DPI to e.g. 90 (check if everything looks ok)
  • no audio
  • no printing
2020-03-23-084546 701x824 scrot.png

Note from Anne: X2Go performance is still not very good for me for UIs with rapidly updated content, e.g. What's Running, but it is usually acceptable.

-- AnnekeWalter - 18 Mar 2020
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