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Quick Reference: SVN



At CERN (CERN account is needed, form for CERN Account \\winfilesvg\BEL$Root\belgroup\Allgemeine-Infos-für-Alle\CERN Account Application\CERN Account Application ):


SVN in eclipse:

  • add SVN connection (remote SVN repository)
    • go to window -> Perspective -> Open Perspective... -> Other
      • choose SVN Repository Exploring
    • in the left "SVN Repositories" Views toolbar click the yellow tube symbol with the green plus
      • enter the SVN URL
      • enter your username and password (all passwords in eclipse are stored in a secure password storage with a master password, you will be asked for that on the first use)

share new project

  • right click on project -> Team -> Share Project...
  • choose SVN -> Next
  • choose your SVN connection (e.g. -> Next
  • choose Advanced Mode
    • at "Project Repository Layout" choose "Use single project layout" -> Next
  • enter a meaningful commit message (e.g. create new Project) -> Finish
  • in the next dialog
    • enter a meaningful commit message (e.g. initial commit of project content)
    • deselect folder ".settings" and files ".classpath", ".project" and all files contained in folder ".settigns"
      • these files and folders are generated by eclipse and are not needed in the SVN repository
      • they can be added to svn ignore list later

send local changes to remote

  • right click on project -> Team -> Commit...
  • in the next dialog
    • enter a meaningful commit message
    • check the files and folders to be populated to the SVN repository

checkout other projects

  • got to File -> New -> Other...
  • select "Check out Maven Projects from SCM" -> Next
  • Browse to your project location
    • choose trunk -> Ok

working with others

  • merging commits from other developers into local working copy
  • right click on project -> Team -> Synchronize with Repository
  • optionally but recommended: look up the changes that were made
  • update your local project
  • go back to Java perspective (top right corner of eclipse)

SVN Externals: Edit

svn --ignore-externals checkout lsa-core-dev-tmp
svn --editor-cmd gedit propedit svn:externals lsa-core-dev-tmp
svn commit -m "JF: updated accsoft dependencies to get the new polynomials" lsa-core-dev-tmp

SVN Ignore: Edit/Remove

svn --editor-cmd gedit propedit svn:ignore .
svn commit -m "JF: updated svn ignore"

-- JuttaFitzek - 06 Jan 2015
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