Quick Reference: Device access with Nodal

ty tl2mu1(status) 
set vrtacc=7 
ty rm1mu1(votls) 
ty rm1mu1(posits)=2626

If e.g. the error code is 0C67EA58 you can get the message like this: exit 0C67EA58

dim version(100) 
call S010S1F ('r', version, version)

dim infostat(100)
call rm3mu1('r', infostat, infostat) -> Meaning: r=read property=infostat variable=infostat
F I=1,100;T infostat(I)       <- output as value

F I=1,100;T \infostat(I)      <-- output as char

Output is done via 'T' and ! is a new line:

T ! "Test" ! "Test" !

Several standard properties:


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