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Oracle SQL Developer


Starting SQLDeveloper

In order to access the databases of the control system, the SQLDeveloper has to run inside the controls network. This is typically the case, if the SQLDeveloper is started from within the standard cluster development environment.
To start the SQLDeveloper, just type

sqldeveloper & 

Adding a database alias

To access a database with Oracle SQL Developer we need to create a database connection. To get the connection details dialog we right-click on "<em>Connections</em>" and then we select "<em>New Connection</em>".

SetupSQLDeveloper 00.png

Now we have to choose a name for the connection (up to you, I prefer to have it the same as the user name that is used for this connection).
And we need to fill in all the connection details from " Connection Details (user, host etc.)".
After that we click on the "Save" button to store the information. Later on we can simply double-click a connection from the list to open an SQL Worksheet.

SetupSQLDeveloper 01.png

As network alias, please choose one of the following databases (development, test or production):

TNS Name Description Backup   AccDbU Development Database No   AccDbT Test Database Yes   AccDbP Production Database Yes
For first tests, a list of databases and read-only database users can be found here:
List of readonly database users (Only readable by CSCO)

Using Oracle SQL Developer

There are two ways of getting information on the table structure.

To get an impression of the table names we have to expand our connection and the "<em>Synonyms</em>" branch. The synonyms have exactly the same name as the database tables that are owned by "lsauser". To get informations about the schema of the table simply type "desc <table/synonym name>" into the SQL Worksheet and execute the statement by pressing F9. The "<em>Script Output</em>" tab will show you the result of your SQL query.

The second possibility is to expand the connection and the "<em>Other Users</em>" -> "<em>LSA</em>" -> "<em>Tables</em>" branch. And browse the tables directly.

SetupSQLDeveloper 02.png

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