Java Package Naming

For package naming in java there is already a standard defined by Sun/Oracle to prevent conflicting package names between companies. This is the first guide that must be followed: (Naming a Package)

Apart from that there is need for a convention to prevent name clashes inside of GSI/FAIR and we suggest to name the packages containing division, department, group, project and module (a part of a project). Like this its possible for projects to span several departments (e.g. FESA) and not to have name clashes in the package naming. So this is our suggestions with some examples:

an alternative if the project is done by several groups in a department can be

Lets imagine a project "commons" that contains code containing some convenience classes and tools. Now lets imagine that several groups and departments have done such a project. The following example shows how the suggested package naming prevents problems:
  • – Common tools of Control System department, APP group
  • – Common tools of Control System department, FEC group
  • – Common tools of Cotrol System department
  • de.gsi.bea.commons – Common tools of Beam Instrumentation department
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