Git upload an existing project

Starting from our AppHowToProjectSetup manual this explains how to create a new gitea repository and upload the source code.

Please make sure to read AppHowToGitInEclipseForBeginners at least up to and including 2.1.

We will create a project in our personal git organisation which can later be move to one of the bigger organisations like fcc-applications or fcc-commons.

Create the gitea project

Visit and Please follow the screenshots.
1. Chose new repository from the "+" menu

2. Enter you project name and information

  • Owner: You name
  • Chose a repository name that resembles or even is the same as the maven artifact name
  • Private repository is only if you want to hide the project, none of your collegues will be able to see the project
  • Leave the gitignore, license and especially the "initialize repository" option empty. We already have code that we want to upload and don't want do get any conflict
  • Hit "Create Repository"
3. Repository created, copy URL

  • Repository created successfully - make sure to copy the marked http repository URL.
4. Initialize the local git repository

Now we have to do some command line work. Open a bash shell and navigate to the source files of your project. (To get the path, in Eclipse: select Project -> Properties -> Location might help you)

Enter the following commands from the main project directory (were pom.xml is)
git init
# download a default gitignore file that will prevent eclipse project files from being uploaded
# Adjust the complete URL to the previously copied one
git remote add origin
# Add and commit all these changes with the following command
git commit -am 'Initial commit'
# We will then push the changes using eclipse in the next step
5. Push the repository using eclipse
  1. Now we switch back to eclipse, select our project in the repository explorer and do a "-> refresh" or hit F5 while the project is selected
  2. Select Team -> Push Branch "master"...
    • (highlighted blue in the screenshot below)
    • if you only have the options "Apply patch", "Share Project", and "Share Projects", choose "Share Project", select GIT and finish, repeate step 2
  3. There might be a prompt for your local keystore password, enter it or cancel the keystore dialog
  4. Click on Preview and Push in the following dialog pages
6. Success

You can see an entry in your eclipse "history" view now and if you refresh you gitea project page.



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