Common styles

Common styles are used to ensure a common look over all control room applications.

The stylesheets are used as a tool to centralize styling. To reach the goal of a common look for all applications, application developers should consider using common styles instead of defining application-specific styles if possible. If a certain common style doesn't work well in your application, please contact the APP team.


Colors define the general theme of an application and are also used to define the look of certain statuses and other elements.

Colors which are the same for all themes are defined in a general colors stylesheet.

Colors which are specific to certain themes are defined in theme stylesheets.

Application types

Currenty there are basically two application types which results in two stylesheet files. The styles defined in these stylesheets should only define dimensions, spacings, paddings or similar definitions. These stylesheets may never contain any color definitions.

Console applications run on main control room consoles. They are intended to be used similar to normal desktop applications. In some cases operateurs want to observe screens from a longer distance though.

Wall applications are placed on the wall behind the console screens. Screen size and distance to these screens must be considered for defining font and element sizes.

Technical information

The application type can be retrieved by calling ApplicationBase.getApptype(). The application type is realized as a VM argument called 'app.type'. Currently CONSOLE_APP_TYPE ('Console') and WALL_APP_TYPE ('Wall') are valid app types, 'Console' is the default.

Default styles

Default styles are applied to all elements where a certain style has not been styled in any other way. Currently this affects font size, font weight and font family.

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