Known Bugs

This is a list of known JavaFx Bugs that have been observed in our applications. The list should only contain bugs that have been filed in the openjdk bug tracking. If you observe a new problem please try to find an existing bug or create a new minimal reproduction example and report it.

The goals of this list are
  • Inform the team about known problems an possible workarounds
  • Allow to keep track of bugs and maybe remove workarounds once the issue is fixed
  • Motivate to create bug reports for observed issues as it is the first step for it to become solved
  • Have a list of issues that could be fixed by utilizing payed open jfx support

Filed Bugs

JDK-8193502: Dialog height switches between correct and too small

JDK-8193286: IntegerSpinnerFactory does not wrap value correctly

JDK-8087981: Alert dialogs do not resize correctly and cut message

JDK-8087859: TreeView items expanding out of visible range

JDK-8143032: ToolTip on child node not displayed

JDK-8213320: The edge of the scroll display area of WebView is not displayed.

  • Link:
  • Workaround: ?
    • AW: I added some kind of workaround in accsoft-gui-fx for Application console for the lower edge, but did not find a fix for the right edge.
    • AW 2020-07: This has been closed as WONTFIX/Not An Issue, as the scroll bars fade to invisibility after a short while, then the full area is visible.
      It still seems sensible to me to keep the workaround in accsoft-gui-fx: With it, the last line is always visible, even when the scroll bars are displayed. Without it, the last line would be completely hidden until the scroll bars eventually fade away.
  • Affected application: All apps using the logger console

JDK-8222911: Text in label not wrapping correctly

JDK-8150263: ObservableListWrapper fires change notifications from sort() and sort(Comparator) even if list is not changed.

JDK-8217953: NullPointerException when TableCellSkin gets disposed twice

  • Description: Exception occurs after 100 changes(!) to a column's visible property and makes table unusable (similar changes might have the same effect)
  • Link:
  • Workaround: Not really known. Minimize the calls to change the visibility of a column, for example set an empty string as text.
  • Affected application: ChartFx TableViewer, expert-digitizer-app

JDK-8237926: Potential memory leak of model data in javafx.scene.control.ListView

Bugs to be filed yet

Dialog causes fullscreen window to "jump" and lose fullscreen mode

Filed Bugs in ControlsFX

#362 [CheckListView] check() and checkAll() call twice changeListener

  • Affects checkListView.getCheckModel().getCheckedItems().addListener(new ListChangeListener…
  • Since 2014
  • Further bug reports about this without any fixes
  • Workaround: Fill another list based on the change listener and check if the entries are already present or not / fill it into a set
  • Side note: Maybe CheckListView should not be used if there are bugs this essential open since 2014

-- AnnekeWalter - 18 Feb 2020
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