Usage of GSI-Frame in an application:

The header of GSI-frame uses the following control elements:

- accelerator dropdown box

- language selector box

- date /time label

Additionally a central flashing timer can be used to control the synchronic flashing of all control elements of the GUI synchronically. Since the GSI-Frame also uses the LanguageTranslator some of those implementations are described twice.


Controlling the control elements:

The following implementations have to be inserted in the application program:

Main program:

Cern-Frame is generated (as before):

ExternalFrame frame = FrameManager.getInstance().getMainFrame(guiText.applicationTitle(), mainPanel);

Then the control elements have to be initialized:

GuiManager.getInstance().initLanguageSelector(frame, true);

- implements LanguageSelectionListener, AcceleratorSelectionListener 

Constructor () :

- Register viewer as listener:

- Register controller as listener:

acceleratorZoneSelectorPanel.addAcceleratorZoneSelectorListener(AcceleratorSelectionListener listener); 
acceleratorZoneSelectorPanel.getList().addListSelectionListener(ListSelectionListener listener); 


acceleratorZoneSelectorPanel = new AcceleratorZoneSelectorPanel(true); // Parameter: boolean SupportMultipleSelection

- Implement the languagelistener-method for all control elements of the viewer as follows: selectedLanguageChanged(String selectedLanguage):


- implements AcceleratorZoneSelectorListener, ListSelectionListener 

Synchronic flashing (for control elements):

Viewer class:

implements FlashingTimerListener 

- has to be added as listener for flashing timer communication (the viewer has to be registered once, i.e. when synchronic flashing starts and if the viewer class is not registered at the moment).

- has to be removed as listener from flashing timer communication (when flashing is finished for all control elements).

- in order to flash synchronously a flag (Parameter of FlashingTimerListener -method: flashingTimerExpired) is used to set the background colour (if the flag is set the "first" colour of the two flashing colours of the elements is set, otherwise the second.

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