Development of the Storage Ring Application

This wiki page contains information about the ongoing development of the Storage Ring application.

Development started in 2018/19 and is currently ongoing, so this page is also a work in progress.


  • Product Owner: S. Litvinov
  • Developer: A. Walter
  • Concept/Design: C. Hillbricht
Status: ongoing

Status Updates

  • March 22, 2019:
    • Starting April 8, 2019, AW will be a core member of the "Storage Ring mode" project team. Her focus will be the implementation of the Storage Ring features in the control system for a while, not as much on the application/UI. Meanwhile, CH will start/continue working on the Storage Ring Application concept & design. The Storage Ring concept & design work should have a high priority for CH, at least high enough to avoid delays for the eventual implementation of the application.
    • AW and CH do not see the need for scheduling another meeting concerning questions about the old applications right now, as CH already has the information needed for preliminary concept work.
    • As a basis for creating more in-depth/concrete concepts for the various functionalities, CH needs a better understanding of how the functionalities should be structured (e.g. 1 application or multiple applications/integration of certain functionalities into existing applications, etc.). Reaching that understanding is therefore the most urgent task.
    • Action Items:
      • TODO CH: Concept work: "1 Storage Ring application or multiple applications / What functionality goes where"
        • Think of possible ways how the identified needed functionalities could be structured and how/where they could be integrated.
        • As soon as reasonably possible, schedule a meeting with the ESR & Cryring experts / storage ring stakeholders to present and discuss the options and make a decision on how to proceed.
          • The current beamtime at ESR might go on until April 15. Then, the first day after the Easter holidays is April 29. We should still try to see if a meeting in April is possible.
          • Update (AW, April 2): CH estimates that he will be ready for a meeting after April 15.
          • Update (CH, April 12): Sergey will schedule a meeting for the week April 29 to May 2 when he and Markus Steck have returned from Easter holidays.

Past applications

Details about the applications that were used for storage ring (ESR) operation at GSI in the past (with the old control system).

Technical operation concept

Information about the technical concept for storage ring operation. These concepts describe how the new application has to interact with the new control system underneath the GUI.

Comprehension questions for certain aspects of the new technical concept


Requirements for the application for the new control system that is currently being developed.


Concepts, Claims analyses, designs etc. for the new Storage Ring application.


Meeting minutes etc.


Various notes.

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