Comprehension questions concerning new technical concept

Scope of Interlocks

Q: In the old system, interlocks could affect single ESR machines - at least it was displayed as if this would be possible. Would this be the same for the new system (one interlock for each subchain) or would an interlock affect a whole chain?

A (4.4.19, "Aktuelle Fragen zum SR-Konzept" Meeting): There is currently no mechanism in MASP to prevent subchain execution. There are no plans extend or change the current behavior. Masking a device with a bad status is currently a known way to allow chain execution also for storage ring chains. Requesters will be asked if it's necessary to indicate which subchains are affected by a bad status.

Remark: If interlocks are actually on a per subchain base, this would probably rise a few questions like e.g. continuity when there is a problem concerning devices responsible for the 'accelerate' storage ring operation.

ESR beam requests

Q: In the old system activating S14 basically started ESR operation. Although the old ESR Pulszentrale application displayed requested states for the manipulation machine or for the regular cycle, ESR operators never had to deal with requesting a beam explicitely. Currently ESR has to request beam, which is currently done in the Requester application or BSS Control. So is there a technical reason why ESR operators need to deal with requesting beam?

A (4.4.19, "Aktuelle Fragen zum SR-Konzept" Meeting): Despite initial irritations why ESR operators need to request when using the new control system, there are also use cases where a single request is a useful tool. So the current behavior wont be changed and there is no need to change it.

(Pause) Action feedback

A pause action is called 'stop point' in the technical concept.

Q: Will there be a feedback, if a pause action has been successful?
Q: Will there be a feedback where exactly a pause has been defined?
Q: How long will it take until the feedback is send?

A (4.4.19, "Aktuelle Fragen zum SR-Konzept" Meeting): There will be a way to display an indicator when a subchain has been paused but there will be no direct feedback where the cycle will be paused. The challenge might be to indicate that the user has requested a pause without actually suggesting where this will happen.

-- ChristianHillbricht - 26 Mar 2019
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