Launcher App

The Launcher App and the Fixed Display Launcher App is used to start all main control room applications.

Launcher configuration for PRO cluster (includes main control room consoles)

The configuration stored in out source code repository:

PRO Launcher config

You can edit the file directly on the web page. If you want to clone the repository, make sure you are on the PRO branch.

Add item to Launcher service config

There is a configuration file which is used by all consoles by default


The file is losely divided into sections. You may want to add you new item in the appropriate section.

Every item has the following syntax: UNIQUE_NAME=APP_TYPE:URL
  • UNIQUE_NAME is a unique name. This name will be referenced in the launcher application config later. Please make sure it's unique.
  • APP_TYPE can be either
    • webstart for 'normal' applications.
    • cmd for running installed commands.
    • privateWeb for opening web sites.
  • URL defines the location of the application, web site or command.


  • webstart example:
    • BSS Control=webstart:
  • cmd example:
    • Terminal=cmd:xterm
  • privateWeb example:
    • Facility Status=privateWeb:

Add item to Launcher application tab config

Add item to Launcher application config

Add item to Fixed Display Launcher appication config

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