Discussion on June 5th 2020

Aleksey Adonin prepared some drafts which will be discussed today.

The team prepared remarks and questions concerning the drafts.

Classic 1.png

Classic 2.png


  • Differ the other two modern styles just visually or are there additional differences?
    • Modern style aims at visualizing the displayed device values as a larger, physical unit. Classic 2 is the first smaller step into this direction.

General layout

  • Instruments seem to contain even more information than before but contents are displayed really small
  • In ‚Classic 2“ the instruments are layout in column? Is there a certain order or hierarchy between the instruments?
    • This is because of the goal to the display a set of instruments a larger, pyhsical unit. See general.

General information area

  • Which information is virtual accelerator-specific / just ion source-specific?
    • All displayed information ion source-specific

Virtual accelerator / Context selection

  • Displayed close to 'General info' not so close to ion source selection
  • Not displayed (printed) when another tab is selected
  • Will this approach also work for Cryring and future injectors which have no visual accelerators?
  • Differs from our standard representation for virtual acclerators and LSA contexts
  • Display deactivated virtual accelerators as non-selectable should be avoided
  • Displaying Active, Running and Selected states ar once is quite some information
  • Depending on the 'realistic maximal' amount of virtual accelerators there could still be not enough horizontal space

Instrument display

  • Status-Button compared to 'Fortran Ion Source App' - no sum status indicator, similar to 'Swing Ion Source App'
    • According to Aleksey (mail from July 10) a sum status is no longer required as in 95% of all cases the error status is an error that leads to power off and users need to inspect the details anyway.
  • In the Fortran IonSource App there was a horizontal black dash starting from the left to the actual value position where a vertical black line was displayed. Now there is a green area and a green vertical dash. Is this the actual value or is it related to the 'recommended range'?
    • Alexsey stated in a mail from July 10 that the recommended range is still required and should be displayed in a slightly different color than zhe actual value.
  • There is no „Auf-Ab“-Button so does it mean we don’t it anymore?

Other questions

  • What is the typical/maximum amount of displayed values?
  • What is the typical/maximum amount of displayed writable values?
  • How can a user see which value is affected by the value controls?
-- ChristianHillbricht - 05 Jun 2020
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