Meeting 13 Mar 2020

Participants: A. Adonin, A. Walter, C. Hillbricht

Measurement Chart (aka "Value/Time chart" / "Strom-Zeit-Plot"),

  • Handle negative values as 0 instead of using previous value when performing average calculations.
  • Display values acquired every second regardless of scale. Use averaged values for longer time ranges.
  • Provide option to change the instrument range for experts. Start with automatic instrument range.
  • No longer provide the two longest time ranges (not required).
  • No longer indicate out of value range by setting the value to the visible min or max. Instead make sure that data is displayed correctly after adapting the scale (compare Java app).

Source and context selection

  • Context was placed on top of source selection in the Fortran app but users had to select source first. There was no mechanism that let users select the context first and automatically select the source based on the context selection.
  • A. Adonin expects the source selection to be the primary selection.
  • It's handy to see the initialized contexts in a printout.
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