Scan app

New in R8

  • Contour chart when using two setting properties
  • Properties popup window. It's no longer necessary to select a predefined scan configuration. Properties can be changed independently from each other
  • Optimized two setting properties scan by alternating increasing and decreasing values of the second setting property
  • Extended number of CRYRING device properties
  • Overhauled scan configuration
  • 'Mockup mode' When turned on uses mockup device properties (not available on production machines)
  • Property type setting: Physical, mockup, use mockup mode setting (XML configuration only)
  • Remaining time is displayed in statusbar before and during scan
  • Split application and scan framework intro separate projects


The scan application can be used to scan through a range of values of a property and then read another property. It's also possible to set two properties before reading.

The basic idea is to set different a range of values to a property (setting property). After each set operation another property is read (readout property). This value well be added to the chart. When the scan has finished the results can be exported by clicking the 'Save' button.

It's also possible to have two setting properties. In this case all combinatiions of setting properties will be set prior to reading the property.

Screenshot 0.0.1 v1.PNG
Screenshot displays a mockup lens scan (outdated).

Scan configurations

A scan configuration must be chosen prior to starting the scan operation from the dropdown in the toolbar. Each scan configuration consists of a combination of one or two setting properties and the readout property. All these property configurations have definitions on how to access the property and they define settings displayed as default in the UI. All settings can be changed in the UI. The configurations are defined in an XML file which cannot be edited directly. You need to request new configurations by editing the Scan-App Configuration Template.



Defines how many times the scan is performed. If more than one pass is defined average results are displayed after the last pass. The exported data will also contain the average data. While scanning the statusbar will display current/total pass.

Setting property settings

Start value

Defines the first value to which the setting property is set. All values inbetween are defined by the 'Steps' setting.

End value

Defines the last value to which the setting property is set. All values inbetween are defined by the 'Steps' setting.

Step delay

Defines the delay in seconds the application waits before a new setting value is set.


Defines to how many values the setting property is set. This includes the start and end value not just the values inbetween.

Readout property settings

Read delay

Defines the delay in seconds the application waits before a readout value is read.

Multi setting property configurations


Further development

  • The average values displayed after a multi-pass scan has been performed can be confusing as it might also contain outliers. For this reason displaying values of each scan could help. Another way could be to display the median result or use other more advanced statistical methods (not yet scheduled).
  • Use LSA parameters instead of JAPC
  • Get delays (or setting completed notification) from LSA instead of configuration file.
  • Improve feedback when a result has been exported.
  • Use n devices for scanning
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