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DSME-Equipment Model for Septum stepper driver. Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
CallDefINITCall INIT: Initialize the device
CallDefRESETCall RESET: Reset the device
CallINITPOSCall INITPOS: Move to initial position
CONSTANTDataAdapterCONSTANT Data Adapter
DISTIDataAdapterDISTI Data Adapter
DISTSDataAdapterDISTS Data Adapter
INFODataAdapterINFO Data Adapter
POSIABSIDataAdapterPOSIABSI Data Adapter
POSIABSSDataAdapterPOSIABSS Data Adapter
POSIRELDataAdapterPOSIREL Data Adapter
POSITIDataAdapterPOSITI Data Adapter
POSITSDataAdapterPOSITS Data Adapter
POWERDataAdapterPOWER Data Adapter
ReadCONSTANTRead CONSTANT: Constants defined in DBS file
ReadDefACTIVERead ACTIV: Read device active state for given virtual accelerator
ReadDefDEVDESCRead DEVDESC: Read device description
ReadDefDEVDESC2Read DEVDESC2: Read device description compatible with old system
ReadDefEQMERRORRead EQMERROR: Read error buffers of device for specified virtual accelerator
ReadDefINFOSTATRead INFOSTAT: Read miscellaneous device state informations
ReadDefNOMENRead NOMEN: Read nomenclature of device
ReadDefPOWERRead POWER: Read if device's power supply is switch on or off
ReadDefPROPDESCRead PROPDESC: Read property description of device's equipment model
ReadDefSHUTUPRead SHUTUP: Read if device sends or does not send alarms
ReadDefSTATUSRead STATUS: Read device status
ReadDefVERSIONRead VERSION: Read EQM, USR, and MIL version strings as well as the EQM variant string
ReadDISTIRead DISTI: Read the actual plates distance
ReadDISTSRead DISTS: distance of the two plates
ReadINFORead INFO: Read Information
ReadPOSIABSIRead POSIABSI: Gives the actual position of all motors
ReadPOSIABSSRead POSIABSS: Gives the nominal position of all motors
ReadPOSITIRead POSITI: Gives actual position of Anode
WriteDefACTIVEWrite ACTIV: Set device active or inactive for given virtual accelerator
WriteDefPOWERWrite POWER: Switch device's power supply on or off
WriteDefSHUTUPWrite SHUTUP: Enable or disable the sending of alarms
WriteDISTSWrite DISTS: distance of the two plates
WritePOSIRELWrite POSIREL: Move Kathode relatively

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